Neal Horgan Articles

5 October 2013, Irish Examiner

‘We need another plan’


5 March 2014, The 42

Cork City fans are hoping good old days are back with return of club icon ‘Johnny C’


22 March 2014, Irish Examiner

‘Uncertain future for players in league limbo’


12 April 2014, Irish Examiner

‘Clubs forced to accept crumbs for our crown jewels’


19 April 2014, Irish Examiner

‘If rugby can play pro game, why can’t we?’


27 April 2014, The 42

‘Are United fans really cheering Liverpool on their way to the title?’


2 August 2014, Irish Examiner

‘Healy’s long road back to good times’


3 May 2014, Irish Examiner

‘Merged national leagues — pie in the sky?


May 5, 2014, Pundit Arena

‘Protecting the past must be part of LOI’s future’


7 March 2015, Irish Examiner

‘A year of great expectations for Cork City FC’


2 July 2015, Irish Examiner

‘It’s time to enjoy another great European adventure’


29 July 2015, Irish Examiner.

‘Net Gains from U-17 League’


5 November 2016, Irish Examiner

‘Cork City absorbed in generation game ahead of FAI Cup final’


5 November  2016, Irish Examiner

‘FAI Cup Final, Memory banks of my own lovely lee’


7 February 2017, Irish Examiner

‘Our Edith Piaf in the Evergreen – a player’s tribute to Noelle Feeney’–a-players-tribute-to-noelle-feeney-775974.html


6 March 2017, Pundit Arena

‘The League of Ireland’s Greatest Graduates: Paul McGrath’


12 February 2018, Irish Examiner

‘Liam Miller was a quiet, respectful guy with a huge drive to succeed’


27 April 2018, Irish Examiner

‘Time to Ground the Magic Plane’


14 February 2019, Irish Examiner

‘Cummins hoping glory days lie ahead at the Cross’


13 December 2019, Irish Examiner

Limerick another dead fish in Irish football’s polluted waters’

25th March 2022, Irish Examiner

We must seize opportunity to build on the buzz around League of Ireland